Our 30th Anniversary Celebration has been postponed until 2021.

 Be you ever lifted in the joys of the Spirit of the Universe. 

Blessings and Peace! 

Sincerely, Priestess Miriam! 

Our Mission

Mission of the Voodoo Spiritual Temple

The Voodoo Spiritual Temple and Cultural Center’s mission is: to provide service that meets the needs of all mankind, which allows him/her to fulfill their quest in the divine plan of the universe. The Temple was established in 1990 by Priestess Miriam Chamani and her husband Priest Oswan Chamani. It is the only ”formally” established Spiritual Temple with a focus on traditional West African spiritual and herbal healing practices currently existing in New Orleans. It has been serving New Orleans natives and visitors of all nationalities for 27 years. The VST has extended its spirituality across the world, including with its connection to The African Priesthood of Senegal and a temple in Russia. The temple in Russia was established after Priestess Miriam took trips to Russia to teach about African spirituality. On March 6, 1995, Priest Oswan transcended into the arms of the ancestors but Priestess Miriam continues to carry on the Spiritual tradition, which embodies many aspects of mainstream spiritualism, Catholicism, Voodoo, and hoodoo. The VST daily operations are solely managed and run by its founder Priestess Miriam in conjunction with recommendations from the church elders. 

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